123Ignition in a Volvo with Armored Cable  
Feb 2016 Ronald Kwas

Note:  The following information has been put together with the utmost care, and I absolutely stand by it, but must be used in conjunction with normal, cautious shop practice!

This Tech Article is also available in German for my Volvoniac friends:  123Ignition im Volvo mit Panzerkabel


Background:  Installation of electronic Ignition modules such as the 123Ignition available from Skandix are a popular remedy for Ignition problems, such as inconsistent timing due to a worn Lobeshaft of the Distributor.  A momentary Start Switch such as the SW-EM Start Switch Upgrade, used to prevent key fatigue and breakage, is also a popular installation.  This information is intended to clarify the interaction of both, because...
1.  ...the Wiring Diagram published by Skandix contains an error...and...
2.  ...this diagram is missing important and relevant information. 

The following Information will explain and clarify the interaction and installation of both.  It actually applies to all electronic Ignition Modules, but the 123Ignition is shown as a particular example, because of points 1 and 2.   

Wiring Diagram published by Skandix.  Error is highlighted.

Explanation:  No direct connection exists between Ignition Coil power and terminal 50, as is shown in the Skandix diagram!  Ignition Coil power is supplied in Key position 3 and 4.  Terminal 50 is supplied with power momentarily, when Key is turned to Position 4 (Starting).  At the same time, power to terminal 54 is interrupted (Load-Shedding).

Ignition Switch Positions and Function: 

If Ignition Module were supplied by terminal 54 only, it would clearly not be supplied with power when turning Key to Position 4.  Because of this, either O'Ring diodes from terminals 50 AND 54 (or a single diode from term 50, see "Understanding the Failure..." Link below!) must be installed to power the module, as shown here:


OR...as shown in the Skandix wiring diagram, a Toggle Relay must be installed.

BUT...because many install a momentary Start Switch (such as the SW-EM kit) to prevent the well known Key fatigue, key Position 4 is no longer used for Starting. 

This means that a Toggle Relay or OR'ing diodes are only necessary if no Start Switch is installed. 

If a Start Switch is present, or installed at the same time as the electronic Ignition Module, the Toggle Relay or OR'ing diodes are unnecessary!


Correction and Changes:

The same Wiring Diagram with Correction and Changes.


Link:   Understanding the Failure of a Diode ORing Cable used with Electronic Ignition Module:   http://www.sw-em.com/Volvo%20Ignition%20from%20Scratch.htm#Failure_of_a_Diode_ORing_Cable




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