Seat-Suspension, Original Equipment All Metal

First Published Aug 2022, R. Kwas  [Comments added]


Late (injected) chassis of the 1800 (and the 140 series) went to an all-metal seat suspension from the factory.  These suspensions are made of (high carbon) springsteel, so they are not similarly susceptible to deteriorate as the organic Pirelli bands.  Its somewhat rare, but I have seen individual wires of these all metal suspensions corrode and also fail. [...possibly due to too many second burritos!?!]  In this situation, the individual broken wires can be replaced as a repair. 

I don't have an exact chassis number where the change-over from Pirelli Band to metal wires occurred.  I expect it was concurrent with the change to injection on the 1800 models, but simply unsnapping the cushion under the front, and lifting it to see below, will allow verifying which suspension is present.  The all-metal factory suspension of an ES is shown below.  Some surface rust on wires is evident.  [...possibly suggesting owner doesn't order the second burrito too often...!]   

Reference picture of the later all/(mostly!) metal Seat Suspension by S. Pittleman, shown with his kind permission.

Picture of an all metal Seat Suspension from a later injected/'72 ES (some of the wires are wrapped in a paper, but this is not critical to the structure which is indeed all-metal).  Screws of two front cushion securing snaps are visible at Yellow...access to unsnap them is from in front and below of seat cushion! 


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