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Roof Rack 
Trailer Hitches
Stainless Steel Hardware

Engine Block (Pre-)heater


Roof Racks:  Sometimes, the passenger compartment just isn't big enough...

 Thread:  http://www.brickboard.com/RWD/index.htm?id=697541

Roof rack on a 2-door saloon [120-130]
posted by Ron Kwas on Wed, Oct 15th 2003 at 8:01 AM


I agree with Pearl...the Thule rack system (named I believe after that very cold place in Greenland), is a super practical, modular, quality system, with separate "Foot Kits", crossbars, and mounts for everything from skis, to canoes, to rooftop boxes, to lumber, to straps for moving your uncles' barkalounger....with the standard gutter foot kit, it fits everything from an 1800, to an Amazon, to a 700, and with a different foot kit easily also could fit more modern, gutterless cars in your stable...they have a website which I'm sure will take any search engine about a millisecond to find....plan on spending $150 - 200 to start ...not cheap ...but worth it!


Link to another Theard:  http://www.brickboard.com/RWD/volvo/1316277/120-130/follow_question_roof_racks_122.html

 I'm not affiliated with these guys, but I know a good product when I see one ...and have satisfactorily used one for a loooong time...from the 122, to the 1800, to the 745 family truckster!

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Trailer Hitches:  I've seen a couple of different styles for 122s, from those (light duty) which bolt through the floor of the trunk and just reach under the bumper and also bolt to that, to the (undoubtedly heavier duty) European style which have an additional crossmember which attaches to the rear frame rails.

Link to factory Instruction sheet with graphics of different styles:  http://volvoniacs.oldtimer-info.de/bilder/961717_1.PDF

Here are some pix of both styles.  [Sorry, this pic was only a link, and it is currently non-functional...I will try to remedy!]

Trailer hitch common on European Amazons.  Anhängelast (Load rating) 1000kg (with brakes),  gebremst, 540kg ungebremst (without brakes), 50kg Stützlast (tongue weight).  Picture used with permission, credit:  Markus (Forumname:  marksmighty on the Volvoniacs Forum)


Here is the heavier duty type which picks up the frame rails on either side and requires a hole in the bumper center section, opposed to the (what certainly must be a lighter duty type) which also bolts to bumper, and only center of trunk floor behind tank...like below.


Light duty hitch for 122...bolts into floor of trunk and to bumper.


Link to 544 hitch info;  http://jazzbo.de/volvo/ahk_BOH_544.pdf

544 Factory hitch, the 122 hitch is similar, with a link under the tank.


Stainless Steel Hardware:  ...is nice sometimes in that it stays looking shiny without being painted...BUT, beware, Stainless hardware is not as strong as that made of quality carbon steels, and  Stainless on Stainless is known for galling...always use Anti-Seize when this combination will occur!


Radiator Grill for Auxiliary Lights:  Here is a nice factory accessory for adding Auxiliary Lighting to the 122...not exposed, but behind the Grill.  Dress-up rings are added to clean up the Grill ends.  This accessory is quite rare!


Engine Block (Pre-)heater:  Link to thread:  http://www.networksvolvoniacs.org/index.php/Spezial:AWCforum/st/id5680/Motorvorw%C3%A4rmung_(-heizung)_f%C3%BCr_B....html

Block Heater installed in the rear freezePlug, with cabling running up the firewall to a connector. 
Picture source:  http://www1.garaget.org/archive/111/110324/338646/large_338646-3215492.jpg


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