Daytona Beach Sunrise ca. 1980


How well does your Volvo stack up?

Here is an old Volvo picture that we thought you might like to see again-special thanks to the gentleman driving a beautiful original 121 who gave me the Danish Volvo Club's post card with the motif in Havneby on the island of Rømø in the summer of '98.

volvostack.jpg (23213 bytes)


Italian Flag picture of White 1800 Italian Flag by Volvo


Nice shine, dad! Mirror image in the shiny paint


Photo by John Holtzapple, Lake Placid, August 1997


Salt & Pepper 1800s at Mt. Snow Meet Pass the Salt & Pepper


The Orange Crush Car Orange '73 ES


...and last but not least, The Snow Weasel in its element!

Slightly custom, self-reupholstered, Snow Weasel Dashboard. Visible are 1800 tachometer, high mileage badges (We don't need no stinking badges!), a custom little panel in place of the ashtray, which consolidates additional controls and indicators (Amp/Voltmeter, fogs, int. wipers, rear defrost, spare, choke ON) to prevent underdash dongles and clutter.  

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