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  Tech Articles (Additions and Changes, ongoing!  Last Updates:  Jul 2015)
Realworld Experiences with Electrical Corrosion and ACZP. 
Voltage Drop in Headlights Power in Hex Connector  Applicable to 122 and late 1800 models.
Fuel Gauge Information and Notes  Applicable to 444, 544, 122, (6/12V) but not 1800 models.
Smith's Tachometer Information and Notes  As used in all 1800 Sport models
Anti-Corrosive-Zinc-Paste for Electrical Connections and the additional:  Simple Corrosion/Oxidation vs. Galvanic Corrosion and Comparison of Anti-Corrosive-Zinc-Pastes.htm
Ignition Switch Key Breakage Weak keys vs. the Gorilla Spring, vs. Cumulative Cyclic Fatigue
Voltage Drops Cause Inadvertent Circuit Interactions 
SU HS6 Jet Supply Line Seal
123GT Consideration of Lighting Differences  ...significant differences in lighting control wiring between US and Euroversions are detailed.
Fuses, Allocation and Troubleshooting ...including 25A shorty fuse options, and fusing improvements and explanations pertaining to 35A (British) rated fuses specified for early P1800s. 
Deoxit D5 Additional  Keeping your low voltage/low current connections reliable...
Brake Drum Notes  No, drum is not welded to axle, it only seems that way...
Heater Control Valve 122
The Variable Instrument Lighting function and options for repairs of its common intermittency are covered.
Ignition Additional...Ignition System Troubleshooting, Wifes Startautomat (Huh?), Ballast Resistor.
Not yet uploaded but I'm working on it!  Cooling System...a compilation of info, from theory of operation to installing that Electric Cooling Fan you've been considering. 
Swedish vs. British Design...there are some interesting differences between Amazon and 1800 Ignition wiring...and I've uncovered a reliability weakness in the 1800 design.
122 Horn Notes...revision of an older article, covering electrical improvements and refurb of the Amazon horn-switch.
Voltage Stabilizer Study   
Amazon Tail-light Fixture Restoration  once the brake light switch works well, it's good to know your tail-lights are putting out all the light they can!
Windshield Wiper Systems...more variations than Carter has Pills, and errors in the factory manual don't make things any easier!  Refurb and repair of motors, mechanisms and circuits is covered here. 
Hydraulic Clutch Tech Article...!
Electrical Upgrades / Buzzers and Beepers  covers adding a Relay for powering additional loads without additionally burdening the OE Ignition Switch...also adding a Headlight-On Reminder Beeper in your Swedish Oldie!
Hydraulic Brake Light Switch Failure Investigation's proof why they just don't last...
AMP Indicator ON.  This should clear up a lot when that little light starts staring at you!  Updated Oct 2010!
Analysis of the clutch slave cylinder actionEven newerer! 
SU Carburetters  Maybe you've read it all before...maybe not!   Also:  SU Carb Service - Lite introduction, and Carb Service - Expanded Version, with Adjustments.
Lighting, including Upgrades   Includes brake-light issues. 
Volvo Ignition from Scratch Lighting the fire the right time!  Static Timing a B18/20,  plus: Bosch distributor servicing including Centrifugal Advance.  Recently added:  Vintage Volvo Ignition system and the Armored Cable.
The Gas Tight Joint  Part II, Lucas works inexcusable (dark) magic on the 1800.  After you read this maybe you'll understand about those unexplained electrical problems in your 1800... 
(Full) Headlight control upgrade.  (For 122s and 1800s.) 
Reviving a 'Decommissioned' Volvo 
If Cars could talk or History of the "Jupiter V Rocket No.3" 
A Tune-up out of Guilt or One Set of Points Outlasts the Clintons
Check Your Choke . . . just in time for (maybe next) winter!
Electrical Ramblings  Covers Amp meter hook-up, H diagram.
Of Unleaded Fuel and Burned Valves 
A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to my 200K Mile Badge Oops.
The Gas Tight Joint  Deals with electrical system corrosion and prevention.
122S Horn Upgrade  Improve anemic horns! 
122S Headlight Flasher Restoration    
Emergency Flasher Retrofit for 122/1800 
Vintage Volvo 6V to 12V conversion
Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Diagrams and Notes.  PCV systems on vintage Volvos went through a number of changes and configurations.  
Future Articles, that I'm working on...coming soon (with no particular ETA):
Headrest Upgrading Notes
The Starter System  
Electrical Troubleshooting Notes  Locating problems with Directional Indicators and Fuel Gauge.
OD Retrofitting on a vintage Volvo  Article notes.
Amazoning With Silicon Brake Fluid  Notes only, article to come!
John Z. DeLorean had it Right  Also (still) in progress.
An Automotive Electrical Primer Tech Article ...and remember:  Please don't call it juice! 
including:  Ohms Law, getting the most out of your $29 Multimeter, and
some common problems explained.
OD Retrofitting on a vintage Volvo  Notes!
Reprints of Old Articles,
Its a Small World or How I Came to Own a Sport Volvo 
That Nagging Clunk  Single bolt anti-sway bar mount vs. double.

All articles by R. Kwas, Copyright 1997-2015


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