123GT Consideration of Lighting Differences 
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Function of Fog Lock-Out Relay in 123GT (Euroversion only!), German text

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As a result of a Brickboard question on the wiring of the Volvo 123GT (Link:  http://www.brickboard.com/RWD/volvo/1562194/120-130/source_4pin_metalcan_relays.html  ), I looked into the wiring diagram in detail and discovered there are actually two versions...a USspec and a Eurospec, with subtle but significant differences in the wiring and function of the additional Fog and Spot lighting. 

(Refer to marked up drawings below)  In the US version, a single Spot Light and a single Fog Light is shown.  In the Euro version, two Fog Lights (only) are shown. 

In both versions, three additional relays are present in the upper right area.  In the US version, Relays 9 supplies the Foglight, Relay 11 supplies the Spotlight, and Relay 15 supplies the Horns.  It might be reasonable therefore to assume that function of these relays is similar in the Euroversion...but if there is no Spotlight in the Euroversion, just what does Relay 11 control??  In studying this wiring diagram, the answer is that Relay 11 is used to lockout the Foglights such that they are only available when Headlights are OFF.  It would seem that European regulations require this to be automatic and not under control of the driver. 

Summarizing, it would seem that there is only one Foglight and one Spotlight shown in the US version, and the Spotlight is slaved to the Hi-Beam headlights (that is, Foglight may be powered any time Ignition is ON, but Spotlights require Headlights to be on Hi-Beams before they are enabled).  In the Euroversion there are only Foglights shown, and these are locked out when headlights are on (that is, Foglights may only be powered when Headlights are OFF, but Markerlights are required to be ON also).  


123GT US version: 


123GT Euroversion:

Further info on Voltage on both sides of a load...Link:  AMP Indicator ON 


Function of Fog Lock-Out Relay in 123GT (Euroversion only!), German text for my Volvoniac Forum friends:

(My answer to a Forum Thread: Relaissteuerung Nebelscheinwerfer 123 GT http://www.networksvolvoniacs.org/index.php/Spezial:AWCforum/st/id9139/#post_64556

Functionsweise der Nebelleuchten in 123GT (nur Euro-version, nicht US Version!). 

Zur Referenz, siehe Schaltplan 123GT Euroversion:  https://www.sw-em.com/123GT%20Consideration%20of%20Lighting%20Differences.htm

Fog Lock-Out Relay (11) Spule (nur, dies ist ein Relais mit 4 Anschluessen und so separate Spule und Schaltkontakte!) wird durch Sicherung 2 (Zuendspannung, Rosa anmarkiert, versorgt, 86), und Nebelleuchtenschalter(49) geerdet (86). Ausgang (87) schaltet dann entweder Hauptscheinwerferversorgung (wenn eingeschaltet!) und versorgt dann Fog Relay(9) (85), ODER durch die (uneingeschalteten) Hauptscheinwerfer entstehende Niederimpedanz die von den Gluehfaden der (nicht versorgten) Hauptscheinwerfer dargestellt werden, an Masse. Fog Relay(9) (86, wird durch Standlichtversorgung Gelb, Rot gepunktet anmarkiert) versorgt.

Fog Relay(9) kann also nur schalten und Nebelleuchten mit Batteriespannung (von Sicherungskasten 2) auch versorgen, wenn die Hauptscheinwerfen nicht eingeschaltet sind. Die Nebelleuchten sind so freigeschaltet, nur wenn auch Standlicht eingeschaltet ist, aber auch nicht die Hauptscheinwerfer, und werden also auch automatisch ausgeschaltet wenn Hauptscheinwerfer eingeschaltet werden.


123GT Spotters Guide:  

I usually just say a 123GT "is a 122 with a P1800 Running Train, and a few extra goodies", but if you were wondering about differences between it and a normal Amazon a bit more specifically, the most comprehensive list to help identify a 123GT, that I've seen, has been compiled by Rolf Åström.

Link to his 123GT Spotters Guide at  https://vintageswedishcars.com/


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