1800 LHD Brake Light Switch Installation Feedback
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An Installer of the 1800 Brake Light Switch Kit has fed back an installation experience for his '67 1800S.  Apparently, the position and length of the switch itself was such that there was insufficient clearance to the Steering Column Bracket.  While the issue has been observed before, that clearance was limited, it was still possible to accommodate mounting the kit by simply bending the switch terminals 90 degrees...[see:  Brakelight Sw variations vs YOM ] ...but in this one installation, it was found bending the terminals would not give enough clearance...installer wound up making a clearance notch in the offending Factory Bracket as a solution.  This allowed the installation and adjustment of the switch, which has functioned to his satisfaction since installation. 

Picture by Mark Winger of the [1800list], and used with his kind permission. 


Factory bracket which locates Steering Column to Firewall leaves limited room for installation of the Pedal Downtube position sensing Brake Light Switch.  Switch Terminals of the late (and somewhat long-bodied) OE switch (3544691) can be close to the bracket, and some installers report needing to bend terminals at right angle for clearance...but on the installation shown, not even bending the terminals made enough clearance for the switch!  Installer wound up cutting a clearance gap in the Factory bracket.

Clearance for the switch terminals is not only a function of its bracket position, but also fore/aft location of the Pedal Downtube, and this is in-turn determined by the length of the Master Cylinder Actuating Rod and adjustment of its Clevis, so it can be seen that a number of factors all affect the clearance available for the Brake Light Switch Kit.  

An alternate solution would be to mount the older, and much shorter-bodied OE switch (679364/3544691) which requires much less room to the bracket, but I frankly, don't like their quality nearly as much as the later switches, which have an internal wiping (self-cleaning) action at the contacts, opposed to the earlier switches which do not...


Early OE style switch (679364/3544691) Normally Closed (NC) [Short and stubby!]


Late OE style switch (3544691) also Normally Closed (NC) [Long and narrow!]


A length difference of more than 1/2" in the switch bodies measured from the body shoulder is clearly apparent.  Threaded mounting bushings are also of different lengths (5/8" vs. 3/4").   


Conclusion:  Carefully studying the available room for the switch when installing the 1800 Brk Lt Sw Kit in a given LHD will determine if sufficient room is available and if simply bending the terminals will allow installation. Otherwise, installing a Kit using the Brk Lt Sw of the earlier, shorter type, is an alternate solution. 




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