Omega Clip Notes

Mar 2016 R. Kwas


Background:  Window Cranks and Door Handles of vintage Volvos are secured onto their splined shafts by an "Omega Clip".  This is a spring-steel wire formed into a semi Ω shape, hence the name.  It is a simple, functional design, but it sometimes can present difficulties as the magic is somewhat concealed.  Also, removal sometimes results in bending the Clip to change its' shape from a bit of "adjustment" may then be required before reinstalling it, so that it once again works as intended/expected.   

Before one needs to Install the Window crank, one first has to Remove it! 

My response (amended) from thread:

...I generally (always) have success with a small "diddle-screwdriver" which I have bent about 30deg at 2 inches from the method consists of first pushing on the door panel to compress the foam or spring pushing door panel from the back and closing the gaps to Handles, to be able to see the clip, turning the Handle to get access to the open end of clip with screwdriver, then pushing Clip off...pushing on Handle a bit to unload the Clip may help unload spring action of the Clip

Removal of Window and Door Latch Handles with "The Right Tool":  

Here is the typical tool offered by (no relation):

Tool is used by inserting it from the Handle angle to release grip of Omega Clip.  Below is a detail showing how the specially shaped end catches ends of clip to splay them open and release them from the shaft groove...presuming Clip was installed, by last mechanic working inside the door, as it was from the factory:  With open Clip end pointing towards Handle extension (this is not always guaranteed!), so having a careful look with a light is always a good idea to confirm Clip position before inserting tool. 

The tool pushes the parts of wire which engage retaining groove in shaft.  I've also used a screwdriver modified with just a little hook on the end, to hook the loop end of Clip, to pull on Clip and release it.  

Two manners of removing Omega Clip. 
Tool pushes Orange, Screwdriver modified with hook on end Green pulls.


Reinstallation of Window and Door Latch Handles: 

Installation is as simple as lining up the Handle with Clip in place on the Shaft and pushing it back on with a firm push of the heel of the hand (nothing more forceful!), shown below in Green below.  Angle of Handle on shaft is a matter of preference, but I prefer it to be toward the front of vehicle when Window is fully closed.  This allows best reach with the hand.

Clip should be centered on hole to allow lead on shaft end to splay open clip, and avoid problem condition (1) shown in Red below.  The second problem condition (2) is not fully seating the Handle to allow Clip to spring to fall into retention groove on Shaft...then, Handle likes to fall off the first time one tries to crank it...that's where a smart push with the heal of hand comes in.  That push also helps compress the foam or spring behind the door panel intended to preload everything to prevent rattles and gaps.      


My response to symptoms of crank handle popping off:

"Your symptoms mean that Omega clip is not captured in its intended depression in splined shaft...which means that handle is not pushed onto shaft adequately...try pushing on further to seat correctly...first assure the Omega clip is positioned (centered!) to allow it to be splayed open by lead angle of shaft-end...then riding up lead angle, sliding along shaft, to finally pop into depression, fully seated. If not centered, clip will block insertion. Lubing shaft with a little wax may help...


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