Two-Speed 140 Wiper Motor Assy into a 544

Apr 2016.  This is reference information provided, and published with the kind permission of Michael Krarup in Switzerland who also supplied  pictures.  Comments and questions should be directed to him.  [My comments added. Ron } 


Krarup:  As far as I remember the plate I made was aluminum, approx. 5mm thick. The shaft between the motor and the lever has to altered as well, because the length is different, but all manageable.


It's crowded, but apparently there's room! 

The associated Two Speed (plus Wash function) Wiper Switch from the 140 comes along. 


Four wire connections are evident at Motor Assy.


On 4/25/2016 9:36 AM, Michael.Krarup (at) wrote:

Hi Ron,

of course you may publish the pictures and whatever you like of the e-mail. As you mentioned ....if it will help fellow Volvo owners, I'm happy to help.
You may include contact info and you may refer to my full name, no problem.

Cheers Michael




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