"Funk Hierarchy"  This page is:  In progress and not yet complete.

... a Brickboard posting kinda started it:  "...as far as I'm concerned, Amazon cars and drivers outfunk the PTers every time"

John Mc reponded:  True, but we PV owners outfunk you Amazon owners! :^)

Of course, Duett owners outfunk us...

And Sugga owners outfunk Duett owners...

And P1900 owners outfunk everybody??


So coming here, with pictures, is the Volvo Funk Hierarchy:  

You input is welcome, please include pix!  E-Mail


Placeholder for Jakob pic.



TP21, the ultimate surf vehicle...raaad man!


Maximum Funk
1. Jacob
2. Tracktor see: http://www.intelab.com/swem/funk_hierarchy.htm
3. PV51 See: http://home.swipnet.se/Tpsk/Volvo.html ...where Al Capone?
4. TP21 ...the yellow one with the surfboard!
5. P1900 ...no explanation required.
6. 444 ... specially the ones with the little roof mounted spaceship directional signal!
7. Duett ...ivory/red two tone
8. Amazon ...preferably in Swedish Police livery
9. 1800 ...Irv's!
10. 140 ...square when everybody else was round.



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