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The last two molecules of air left in the garage are complaining about lack of company.  In order to allow a few more of their comrades to enter, the following items are offered at we believe very fair prices.  More to follow as archeological excavations featuring pictures...hey, this is better than Ebay!


Volvo and Related Items

Item  (Click links if present for pictures) Price $ USD
245 Roof Rack, Stainless and Chrome includes hardware, used, clean 60.00
760 Air Filter (Turbo Diesel, D24T), V. No. 1257546, new in box 10.00
Audio Power Amp (740 ?), V. No. 384875, removed from vehicle (rfv) 50.00
544 Wiper Motor, SWF manuf.   condition:  used, brushes and commutator very good, works fine and parks after one rotation when tested, doesn't seem to have much slop at all, and NO burned smell.  60.00
240 Grille, used, very clean, minimal sandblasting,  locking clips and plastic tabs intact, and quite simple to install.  The latest ipd cat. list these for $225 for black...not even chrome...this is a deal!   100.00
240 Rear Suspension Bushing Kit, all bushings new.(2): 1229628 trailing arm rear (old style), (2): 1229714 front trailing arm, (2) 1229715 panhard rod, (2): ??  same O.D. as 1229715 but  40mm inner bushing length 60.00
122/1800 Additional Motor Mount,  (ipd No. CQ2A0122 List $28.00), unused, dusty only.  Pic to come.   20.00
M41&(D-type) Overdrive, Working when removed from '66 1800 with (estimated) 100Kmiles.  Stored inside!  Location: central Connecticut, USA.  Pick-up preferred (shipping will probably be prohibitively expensive). 300.00
Box of 140 headlight buckets/bezels (as used with later 3-piece Alu. grille) Pic to come. 20.00
145 Tail-light Lens Assy, (R/L, one set from '69?) used, right side is perfect, as new, left side fine (has a small chip), both include sheet metal which mounts lamps.  Number on both: SRBBL 92-2 ZR.  Pic to come. 50.00
Late 140 (plastic) grill.  Pic to come. 40.00
Booster Cable Clamp Set (2 Red, 2 Black), manuf:  Associated (US), Model No. 6205  Rated: 800 Amp, condition:  complete, all new except one, which had wire termination heated with torch (is undamaged and usable as new).  Add welding cable (around 3/8" conductor) and make "The Mother of all Jumper Cable Sets".      40.00

Non-Volvo items:

Chevrolet V8 (not confirmed) rebuild items, rings main/rod bearings.  PNs;  Bearings:  Mains-994M 20, Rods-2020 CP-20,  Rings:  9118KX KO-511 .030 (3.875X5/64 Top, 3.875X5/64 2nd, 3.875X3/16 Bot.)  These are most of the #s from the (new) packaging, please e-mail with further Q's. 60.00


If interested send email (preferred) or write to:

P. O. Box 370193
West Hartford, CT 06137-0193

Last update:27 July 2005


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