Here is the index of our reference library.  If we can be of help to your restoration efforts in looking up a part number or supplying you with information, just ask nice, and we'll try to help.  Occasionally, we do have some doubles of manuals and publications available


Official Volvo Shop Manuals  The most complete and informative have always been the official green booklets, the early ones were separate soft-bound (SB) booklets by vehicle system, packaged in an ingenious two-opening-step binder, allowing a quick reference reading, or easy removal of a single booklet.  The later factory manuals were SB one-piece, dispensing with the binder. 

544, 122, 1800 (Binder with SB booklets style)



1800E (1971, One piece, SB style))


Independent Publisher Shop Manuals  When the official green factory manuals are not available, a shop manual from an independent publisher is the next best thing.

Intereurope Workshop Manual 162 (Volvo 120 Series, including 1800) ISBN 0-85666-066-3. Hard-bound (HB).  One of my favorites.


Intereurope Workshop Manual 129 (Volvo 140 Series)  HB  ISBN ?



Volvo 120&130 Series plus 1800 Sports 1961-1973  SB  ISBN 0-85696-203-1 Published by Haynes  Still available new. 


120 Series Owners Workshop Manual  by Kenneth Ball HB Published by Autobooks  1973 ISBN 0-85147-276-1


Volvo Service-Repair-Handbook 122s Series and P1800-1962-1968  Published by Clymer Los Angeles California.  SB  ISBN No.  ?


Chilton Repair and Tune-up Guide 1956-1969   Volvo1   ISBN 0-8019-5635-8,  LoC No. 73-146881 Examples of different printings shown.  Both HB


Volvo 140 Series Owners Workshop Manual  by Kenneth Ball HB Published by Autobooks  ISBN0-85147-500-0


Parts Catalogues. Link also to on-line Catalogues




122S (Micro-Fiche)




Volvo P120, The Amazon Series  by Dieter Günther and Walter Wolf, Published by Autovision  ISBN 3-9802766-6-X  HB  A very thorough model history including pictures of development, experimental, data, and modified and custom show cars.



Essential 122



The complete Guide to the Volvo 1800 Series by John Creighton.  Published by Dalton Watson LTD.  ISBN090-1564-567  HB


Car and Driver also has a compilation of all the print advertisements from 444 to 240...they are all creative, and some quite entertaining.  Titled strangely enough: Selling Volvos 1956-1986, SB,  ISBN 0-948207-655.   [B&W, color cover, contains such classic 122 ads as: Drive it like you hate it, and 1800 ads as:  Driving it isn't bad for it, and Darwin was right!...highly recommended for every enthusiasts' coffee table!]


Car and Driver On Volvo 1955-1986  SB, B&W, color cover, a compilation of all their road tests and other articles, including also evaluation of special "Tuner" cars form IPD and others.


Road & Track put out a compilation of all their road tests and other articles, called: Road & Track on Volvo  ISBN ? [SB, B&W, softbound, color cover, recommended for the their independently conducted road tests and evaluations. 


Automobile Quarterly Vol. 22 No. 4, HB, includes the article Sport, Style and Speed, a History of the Volvo1800 by Lowell Paddock.


Volvo 1800 1960-1973 Published by Brooklands Books.  ISBN 0-907073-15-8  HB, Reprint of road-tests and evaluations from magazines including the British Autocar, Motor Sport, Road Test, Wheels, and the  Canadian Track &Traffic.


Volvo The Cars - From the 20s to the 80s by Björn-Eric Lindh  Published by Osprey  ISBN9186442-08-2



Owners Manuals


Link to online copy of manual:





122 (including Automatic)

Link to page 46.









Dealer Accessory Booklet There are some things that aren't standard equipment on you new Volvo. From AM radios, to wire trunk baskets, to mud-flaps, to limited slip differentials for the new price of $71!


122 Original "Sticker"


High Mileage Award


Irv Gordon autographed promotional pamphlet.  This one is an old pamphlet, because on it, he's "only" up to 1.3M miles...he has since passed 2M!  I've always said that Irv is the best ambassador Volvo could ever hope for...he is truly a good guy...I believe he could be parachuted into a Hell's Angels Bar, and within fifteen minutes they'd be buying him beers! 


Other Manuals and Publications

A Book about Volvo  Published by Volvo AB.  Article No. 014-6162. HB.  An interesting (pre-Ford) company history.


Volvo 1927-1984 Published by Volvo AB, A company history by year including production numbers from 1927 on.


Tuning S.U. Carburetters  Published by Speedsport Motorbooks 1975, ISBN85113-072-0  Small format SB booklet includes theory of operation, maintenance, exploded diagrams, configuration for various vehicles and full metering needle charts from HS4 to HIF...if its not in this book, you don't need to know it!  As you can see my copy has been often referred to!


Weber Carburetors  SB Owners Workshop Manual Published by Haynes  ...from downdraught to DCOE -  clearly the best engineered carb ever to combine air and fuel!...everything you need to know!


Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management by Charles Probst,  Published by Robert Bentley Publishers  SB  ISBN 0-8376-0300-5  Theory of operation, development, and practical troubleshooting information.  An excellent reference for D-Jetronic, K-Jetronic and later vehicles.



Battery Service Manual Published by Interstate Batteries SB


The Carroll Smith† series of SB books (humbling, because you find out how much you really DON'T know!):
Prepare to Win 
 Placeholder for info


Tune to Win   LoC No. 78-73549  Published by Aero Publishers

Engineer to Win  ISBN0-87938-186-8 Published by Motorbooks International:  


Revue Technique Automobile - Volvo 142-144-145 [French]  ISBN 0153-906X  Distributor Advance information.  Photocopies of data only.


Publications Available: 

A Haynes120&130 incl. 1800 Manual (used, as seen above).

An InterEurope 120/1800 Manual (used, earlier printing so different cover than the one shown above).

...and possibly others. For the latest list of publications available, please e-mail .


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