Mind-Numb Robots or Ron makes the mistake of going to the CDMV sober and tries to do the Right Thing.  
R. Kwas 11/2015


I don't know if there is a Statute of Limitations on this, or if that even applies, but I thought it was time to tell this story of dealing with the Mind-Numb Robots of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (CDMV).


When Bob offered Rocket No.3 to me, and I accepted, looking forward to visiting him in Chicago, relaxing with a long-time friend and fellow technoid, and returning with a complete rolling Amazon parts bed, after reliving and doing all the fun things which bachelors do...  Bob had assured me that Rocket No.3 would easily be up for another Chicago to Hartford trip.  I booked a one-way flight.  

In order to make the long return drive legally, the car needed registration plates, and to be insured.  Paperwork is involved...  OK, I thought...how difficult can it be...I asked Bob to send me a signed property title, indicating the vehicle had been sold to me, with which I could insure the car, and visit the CDMV, to obtain the necessary "Temporary" registration plates with which I could hit the road in Chicago.  Pretty simple, really ...the plan was to fly out on a Friday, visit for a couple of days,  "doing guy-things", prepare the car with whatever it needed for the trip, then drive home on Sunday (this is relevant to the story!), in convoy with Bob who was coming back at the time to visit his parents. 

In order to register a car, including temporarily, proof of insurance must be presented, so with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in-hand, I called an insurance agent to arrange for this.  When he asked "when do you want to start the coverage" I gave him the Sunday return date.  

The next evening (Thursdays CDMV is open late, and I work during the day), documentation in-hand, I proceeded to the CDMV to get the temporary registration.  After patiently waiting in a line for enough time to plant and harvest redwoods, it was finally my turn.  Knowing everything was in order, I presented my documentation...

...but upon examination by the inspector, it wasn't in order!  ...if I was going to get the registration then, the insurance would have to be valid then...  but, I explained, I wasn't driving then, I couldn't drive then if I wanted to...the car wasn't even in the same time-zone as the inspector and I were, as could be plainly seen on the Illinois address on the documentation...that's where the car was, and my explanation that I was driving it home on Sunday, only after the two of us were in the same location, fell on deaf ears. The Mind-Numb Robot behind the counter wouldn't hear it...and after I requested to be able to explain the circumstances to his supervisor, hoping that perhaps CDMV bureaucrats who had climbed the ladder of bureaucracy could possibly apply their rules with a dose of common sense and approve this terrible and completely out-of-the-ordinary  input...neither would the supervisor Mind-Numb Robot..."...NEXT CUSTOMER!" 

Naturally, since it was evening, and I was traveling the next day, I couldn't call and change the insurance arrangement, so I was done... 


...that's how Mind-Numb Robots work...absolutely and strictly within their programming, making decisions governed by rigid rules and forbidden and unable to allow any sort of deviations, and to apply those rules with any kind of flexibility resulting from intelligence or common sense...and no amount of explaining or showing an airplane ticket to O'Hara Airport for the next day is going to change that!

In the end, I just gave up trying to do the right thing, and removed the plate off the Snow Weasel (also a white Amazon), took that and its documentation with me, secured the plate to Rocket No.3 for the ride home, and thanks to the mind-numb robots of the CDMV, the State of Connecticut lost the fees and taxes which I had been quite ready to pay...and I don't really feel that terrible about it... 

Due in-part to this incident and most others interactions I've ever had with CDMV, I developed a new Rule for dealing with CDMV


Reference Information: 

"Temporary" Registration, for those outside Connecticut who are not familiar with the way things are done here, is just what it suggests...a  paper number plate, valid for 10 days, obtained after proper documentation is presented at CDMV, fees and taxes are payed (we couldn't forget about that!), then displayed on a vehicle, which allows it to be driven on public roads during repair work or transfer pending inspection and proper registration.

My Rule now for dealing with CDMV is:  Don't go sober!  Explanation:  Every time I've gone sober, all I got was pissed off...but if you're drinking, it's all entertainment anyway!  (Safety Note:  Let yourself be chauffeured, to avoid other issues!) 


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