Sw-Em Author  (very limited info available!) 



...more recent information, from a well known source: 

Alias:  D B Ronzo

Race:  Caucasian

Sex:  Male

Age:  Late-50s

Height:  5'10'' to 6'

Weight:  180 to 190

Build:  Average to well built

Complexion/Appearance:  Olive, medium smooth western-European / dashingly handsome to the stewardess...!

Hair:  Dark brown or black, normal style, parted on left, combed back, sideburns, to mid ear level.

Eyes:  Possibly green. During latter part of flight put on dark wrap-around sunglasses with dark rims.

Voice:  Low, spoke intelligently; no particular accent, possibly from Midwestern U.S.

Characteristics and Observations:  Kept mumbling something about "the amazon" to himself during the flight...was reading a Haynes Automotive Workshop Manual.

Wearing Apparel:  Black suit; white shirt; narrow black tie; black rain-type overcoat or dark top coat; dark briefcase or attaché case; carried paper bag; brown shoes, blue baseball style cap with stripes in blue and yellow.

Notice:  Persons seeing individuals fitting the above description are advised to exercise caution, particularly when approaching with stupid questions about what oil to use in their gearboxes, balancing their twin SU Carburetors, or even stupider questions of which dielectric grease to use on electrical connections!


...most recent information: 

Irv Gordon(RIP), the mega-mile 1800S, his belly (...which gets its own separate billing!),
and on their right, some guy who thinks he knows something about old Volvos!